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Simco Démolition Inc offers you its asbestos disposal services in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore (Laval, Longueuil...).

Take advantage of many years of experience

Asbestos removal

Asbestos removal is a complex operation that aims to eliminate all traces of asbestos present in the materials of a building. Since asbestos was abundantly used in building materials, it is important to ask an expert's opinion to determine if your building contains any.

A specialization

Our team at Simco Démolition Inc has the necessary experience and specialized devices to eliminate this highly toxic substance. In fact, asbestos poses a long-term health risk if the fibres are found in the air that you breathe. Don't wait any longer and call us to come decontaminate your building.

Enlèvement d'amiante Montréal

A recognized company in the field

For your asbestos removal jobs, our company puts only highly qualified personnel on your job sites. Our many years of experience in this field can help meet all your needs. Whether it's the removal of plaster, the removal of amosite or other procedures, we have the skills required. Our technicians have thorough training in asbestos removal from flooring and plumbing. Also, don't hesitate to call upon our expertise for the demolition of a mechanical room. No matter what kind of work needs to be done, our experts are always at your disposal to do an assessment and to provide an estimate.

Your asbestos removal projects in the hands of a team of experts

The main advantages of our services:

  • Jobs done according to CSST standards
  • Modern and reliable asbestos disposal equipment
  • Personnel trained in the different asbestos disposal techniques

For your asbestos removal jobs, ask for the expertise of a recognized specialist.

11345, 61e Avenue

Rivière-des-Prairies QC H1C 2B7


(514) 494-2323